We Are Secure

We are Secure and Stable Platform

PayFast was founded by ethical innovators who want to better the world through corporate success. The aim has always been to reduce the cost of international money transfer whilst still maintaining the best possible customer service. Today we are proud to have created a real alternative for you to get behind – one with a mission to change the international money transfer industry for the better.

Faster And Cheaper

No need to queue up to send money anymore! Relax in your comfort zone and make secure money transfers with just a few clicks, you can effortlessly send money to your near and dear ones, anywhere, anytime.

Trusted & Secure

Be rest assured that your money and information will always be safe. We are VeriSign certified and use SSL encryption that guarantees the safety of your transaction, till it reaches the safe hands of your recipient.


What We Serve to You

PayFast is a fast and secure service that lets you transfer money online using a computer, smartphone, or our app.


Accept the fastest growing type of payment method – customers can pay online, in store or mobile

Platforms and marketplaces

Create a better experience for buyers and sellers with fast, compliant and visible cross-border payments

Book Movies

No more lining up at the cinema! Choose your seats and buy tickets in real-time for movies showing at major cinemas.

Money transfer operators

Expand your cross-border corridors fast, securely and cost-effectively

Pay QR

Shop and dine at over 70,000 stores nationwide with just your phone

Pay Bills

Skip the lines and pay your bills to over 400+ billers even on-the-go

How To Start

We have some easy steps!

We’ve got everything in place, to make your payments and life super easy.

Register to PayFast

Register for our services using your mobile number and email

Verify Your Account

Activate your account with the email code & Verify your identity kyc

Make Unlimited transfer & Peace of mind

Send within minutes from your phone. Status updates for you and your recipient.